January 28th, 2006



Power outage. The power was outed. I'm scandalized!

Anyway, the morning LJ post was lost, and the house was in darkness (and no computer!), so I just went out (heh- that means I was outed, too) and listen to the power-outing rain fall through the fog. I suppose I could have read something, but I don't like reading by candlelight. Abraham Lincoln used to read by candlelight, and look what became of him! Assassinated! I won't take that risk.

Now the power is back on, and I have to go around and plug in all the stuff I unplugged and set all the electric clocks to the (oh, crap, is it that late?) correct time.

I hate power outages.
gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Nothing is happening here but the fall of soft rain and the croaking of the frogs, and a few cars passing along the main road a block west. They must be going where something more is happening. Maybe my ennui has infected then entire town, and other people are fleeing it. I am so utterly bereft of pertinent thoughts at the moment that... well, that I can't even think of anything else to say. If I had any liquor, I'd get drunk right now. I think this is very close to the 1000th consecutive Saturday night that I have spent in this house. I wonder if I'm getting tired of it?