January 26th, 2006



A fog full of frogs. Drizzle fell, then the fog came and remained all night, while the frogs continued to croak. Fog seldom remains for more than an hour or two here, so I was pleased to have it for so long. Naturally, this meant that I was outside much of the night, and got damp. I also got nothing done. Both consequences were well worth it.

The fog has thinned now, but still veils the dawn. The frogs are now silent, but the morning birds are doing their best to provide appropriate musical accompaniment for the gray scene. I don't think they have quite the frogs' knack for it. Croaks more effectively capture the mood than do chirps.

Meantime, I'm downloading a bunch of photos and drawings of Irving Gill's Dodge House, an architectural monument in Hollywood demolished some years ago to make room for a school which was then never built. These particular records are from Built in America, one of the collections at the Library of Congress web site. I'm quite pleased with the very large floor plans available as (surprisingly small) TIFF files. I've only ever seen the small reproductions of the plans typically published in books. Yay Int3rnets (for a change.)

Oh, smell of woodsmoke drifting from morning fires, sound of geese flying. I hope there's more rain today.


A strange dream decided to emerge from my subconscious last night. It involved smoke pouring from the old Hall of Records in Los Angeles (a building which has been gone for about thirty years and which never suffered a fire as far as I know.) I think the entire Civic Center may have been burning, because there was more smoke and a few licks of flame rising above the top of a hill which concealed it, but I never found out. I was in a car and went onto the freeway, which suddenly petered out into a maze of streets in a hilly section of town, and I found myself on a cliff-side dirt road lined with decaying Victorian houses. I've been spending too much time with those old photo archives, I think.

The rain failed to return today, but the clouds remained and everything is still damp, and the frogs are still croaking. Small flying insects are becoming more numerous. They are mistaking the mild weather for the onset of spring, too. Right now there's a tiny bug of some sort (looks like a miniature ladybug) crawling on my keyboard.

I'm currently pissed off at Academia again, because they keep hoarding information for themselves. They don't want the rabble (meaning me, and anybody else who isn't either an employee of or student enrolled in one of their institutions, or someone who can afford to buy a subscription to their non-profit (yet expensive) service) to get hold of stuff we couldn't possibly understand, being uneducated and poor and all, I guess. I wish I could figure out how to filter out all results from that outfit and others like it from Google Scholar Search. Stuff I'm not allowed to see gets in the way.

Update Oh, I forgot to mention the Monkey Police.

Also: Monkeys loves them some porn.