January 25th, 2006

caillebotte_the balcony


Not only did the cricket sing last evening, but when I went out later, there were frogs croaking. The hounds of spring must be especially eager to be on winters traces this year. I'm no longer thinking about iced tea, though. I'm thinking about ice cream. I have none, of course. If I can resist the urge until Thursday, it will be raining again. Then I can settle for hot chocolate. It's much more easily acquired. In any case, it has cooled off a bit as the night has worn on. The crescent moon has risen, unencumbered by clouds tonight, but a bit yellow, as though a bit of haze had come up. Right now, I think, maybe just a tiny bit of apple butter on toast, good in any season.

I'm very fond of this doorway, though the modern light fixture is somewhat jarring. I'd bet that, originally, it sported some sort of wrought iron fixture with colored glass in it, as was common in the tonier Los Angeles apartment buildings of the era in which this place was likely built. Still, a very nice doorway.

The cat went up on the roof tonight. She hasn't done that in ages. Faux spring has gotten to her, too.
caillebotte_the balcony


This afternoon I watched a small bird hop in and out of the bush at the end of the walk. I think it might be building a nest. Unwise. Not only is there apt to be more cold weather, but my cat is prone to spend a lot of time in the vicinity of that bush. Last spring, birds built a nest in the bush by the front door, and ended up spending hours screeching at the cat every day. I guess that's why we say "birdbrains"?

Evening turned hazy, and now clouds are forming, right on schedule. There should be rain by morning. I hear the chorus of frogs croaking again tonight. If the rain isn't too cold, they'll probably enjoy it.

For those adept at computery things (via scottobear): you can download a Beta version of an application called Redcolored, which allows you to colorize your digitized black and white photos. I think there are other programs that do this (Photoshop probably does it, but I don't have Photoshop), but this one is supposed to be very easy to use. It's a fairly small file (1.2MB), so I've nabbed it and might play around with it when I get the time. The Beta is free for non-commercial users. The pay version is to be released soon, so get it while its free.