January 18th, 2006



So I fell asleep on the floor while watching television. After about two hours, I woke full of kinks and sore spots. Had it been an idea, it would not have been a good one. I think the rain and wind lulled me to sleep. It has been furious at times, but mostly it has provided a rhythmic sound not dissimilar to ocean waves. A while ago, I went out and heard what was either a bird with a rough, high pitched call or a small dog barking a few hundred yards away. I couldn't tell because the sound of the storm almost drowned it out.

I'll probably have a hard time getting to sleep because of that unintentional nap, and I don't know when the aches caused by sleeping on the floor will go away. Annoying. But I can go see today's Daily Kitten to cheer me up.

Spatial-Literacy.org (apparently an academic neologism for geographical knowledge) is a site maintained by a group of English universities. They have just launched a section which tracks distribution of 25,000 surnames in Great Britain, using figures from the 1881 census and 1998 electoral register. The site is running slow right now, and the search function may be unavailable due to the amount of press they've been getting, so if you want to see where your Cholmendeley or Baggins or Bracegirdle cousins have migrated around the island in the last century, you may have to be patient. In the meantime, there is also a bit of interesting stuff to read about the classification of surnames. Of course, I want to see the maps! Show me the maps, dammit!
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


There was an hour or two of sunlight again this afternoon, and the street almost dried off, but then the rain came back at dusk and everything is wet again. Now there is a smattering of stars. The rain might be over for a few days.

Busy all evening. Must make days longer.