January 17th, 2006

5th street los angeles 1905


Another night of perpetual twilight. It smelled very green, like freshly cut lawn. Now, fog is coming in ahead of the dawn. It probably won't last long.

Here's another antique picture. The USC archives gives the date as c1915, and the location as North Spring Street in Los Angeles, just south of Sunset Boulevard. It seems likely to me that either or both are incorrect. Though the northward expansion of downtown was long delayed, this scene appears astonishingly rustic for a location so close to the plaza, and in a year so late as 1915. I'd expect to see taller buildings poking up over the background hill. It probably is somewhere in the area, though, maybe a few blocks west and north. The small adobe houses were certainly characteristic of Sonoratown, the old Californio neighborhood which has since been entirely displaced by L.A.'s bustling Chinatown. I'll have to consider the actual location of this scene a mystery. I am unlikely ever to see it solved.

Spring Street South of Sunset, c1915
Spring Street South of Sunset, c1915

This scene was on the edge of downtown Los Angeles,probably no more than a century ago.


Undeserving of a Proper Subject Line

New neighbor was in his garage all afternoon playing Green Day and other assorted Green-Dayish music. Annoying, but at least I didn't have to see any video. That guy from Green Day creeps me out. He looks a bit mutant. I suspect him of having some troll doll DNA. Anyway, I didn't find Green Day to be good background music. I would rather have listened to only the rain, which has been falling for hours. I was finally able to do so, of course, after new neighbor turned off the mutant music, but my disposition had already grown foul by then. It's taken until now for the undisturbed, soft pattering of raindrops to erode my resentment. I miss having that house vacant.

Whole bunch of other stuff in my head, but it's all muddled. I'll have to wait for it to settle a bit before I can do anything with it.