January 14th, 2006


It's Saturday the 14th! Hide!

Though it's been raining all night, with or without fog, I've heard owls hooting. Fog and owls go nice together, but it's strange to hear owls in the rain. The rain has been quite furious at times, too. Now I'm worried about the owls. What could cause them to be so active on such a night? It seems to me that they are being very unwise. I'm in no position to criticize them for that, though. A while ago, I suddenly felt very sleepy, and, had I gone to bed then, it might have done a great deal to restore my normal schedule. But I wanted to check one more thing on teh Internets. Of course I got hung up, and by the time I was done I was no longer sleepy. Stupid! Must rise early this afternoon, too, for shopping day. Well.

Good, though, is that there have been no ant swarms in the kitchen for two nights now. Maybe they've learned something from their recent harrowing experiences. Now, if only I could follow their example.

Forgot to mention: The latest post in featureannounce says that a console command has been added which lets a user opt out of being nudged, but I can't find the command listed in the admin console reference section. Of course, the admin console reference section still contains a command for generating invite codes, so I guess it isn't surprising that it isn't entirely up to date.


Why do I always end up running late on Saturdays?

Oh, the moon is full tonight, and it's only partly cloudy here, which is one of my favorite combinations! The rain has ended for now and, though the air has turned rather cold, I'm going to go out and watch the sky perform.

via m_leprae: The next generation of on-line social networking. Actually, that was basis of the first generation of on-line social networking, wasn't it?