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Unseasonably Pleasant - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Unseasonably Pleasant [May. 31st, 2017|10:58 pm]
The rain that arrived last night persisted through this morning, and was more abundant than I'd expected it to be. The yard has been well-watered and, better still, it didn't cost me a penny. Furthermore, it is cool enough that I can use the oven to bake something without worrying about overheating the house. This was the perfect ending for May. I hope June follows the excellent example.

But while the weather behaved itself admirably, I did not. I squandered most of the day and am now running out of time for this journal entry. And I didn't even get around to visiting the supermarket web sites and making out this weeks shopping list. I'm going to give myself a pass, though, as I enjoyed myself.

Now my corn bread is done. Happy June to all.