rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Clouds formed this afternoon and have continued to grow thicker since, so the odds of a bit of rain overnight or early tomorrow morning are looking good. But the most noticeable thing tonight is the scent of jasmine permeating the cool air. If it were not so cloudy, the waxing crescent moon would be visible. Instead, the perfume is drifting through deep darkness. I'm hoping it will soon be augmented by the scent of rain on the dry soil and not-yet-dry grass. We rarely get jasmine and rain in combination, so it would be a treat.

Also a treat will be the mildness of the next few days and the prevailing coolness of the nights through at least the first week of June. If our luck holds we might even have a pleasant early summer. So far the snow on the mountains hasn't even been melting very fast. I can't see the high Sierra from here, of course, as the lower ridges block the view, but there are snowcams, and at the higher elevations (like around 8000 feet) it's still pretty impressive. At the beginning of May the snowpack was around twice normal, and there was fear of potential flooding when the melt began, but so far the moderate temperatures have prevented that. It would be excellent if the moderation would continue into the summer.

My sleep pattern is still somewhat askew, but last night was cool enough that I closed most of the windows fairly early, and it didn't matter that some were still open when I slept late today because the afternoon was so mild. It's actually quite pleasant in the house now, event hough I didn't reopen most of the windows tonight. It's supposed to get down into the high fifties before morning, but I'm leaving a window open in case it does rain, so I can listen to it, even if only in my sleep.

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