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I think I slept for about ten hours last night and today, with about an hour being awake in between two chunks of sleep. Split shift sleeping always leaves me feeling rather odd, especially when I've slept more than usual. It's a good thing I had nothing important to do. Actually, I did do one thing this evening— I went out and pulled up about thirty more of those nasty stinging nettle plants. They are already getting dry, and that's when they start to sting. Their seed pods will leap onto anything that brushes them, and I don't want to spend the summer trying to comb them from the feral cats' fur, so I'm getting rid of as many as I can. The cats will still bring them from outside my yard, but at least they will be stuck with fewer of them.

The night is still very warm, and the crickets' song has to compete with the sound of air conditioners. I'd prefer to have just the crickets, and the sound of ice tinkling in my glass, but my neighbors never seem to have learned how to manage the summer heat without machinery. Even I won't be able to once it gets really hot, but so far the heat hasn't been that bad. Last night got cool enough that the house was still below 66 degrees when I woke up at ten o'clock this morning and closed the windows. I guess it's a good thing I did do the split shift sleep. Had I not gotten the windows closed when I did, it would probably be close to 80 in here right now, and the 72 I've currently got is quite warm enough, thanks.

The long range forecast is still predicting a 50% chance of rain early Wednesday morning. Since Wednesday morning is pretty close, the chances that the forecast is right are better than they were yesterday. It isn't saying anything about thunderstorms, but though the high temperature is predicted to be 76 that day, the night before is to have a low of only 57, so maybe the storm won't be full of that tropical energy that produces lightning. Thunder or not, if it comes the storm is apt to be brief and unlikely to drop much rain. Still, even getting things a little bit wet would be nice— as long as noting gets set on fire.

I'm smelling a skunk right now. I hope none of the cats got sprayed. I think I'll go check on them before I put the wheelie bins out. I can't remember if the trash gets picked up tomorrow or not. I heard something about a change in their schedule during holiday weeks, but I can't recall what it was. Oh, wait. I have Internets. I suppose I could check their web site. (D'OH!)

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