December 7th, 2005

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Lousy Joints

My ISP gave me a busy signal for a couple of hours, so I couldn't get online. That's never happened before. I could have fired up Sluggo and used Juno, if only I'd been willing to let the room get cold enough, but I decided I'd rather stay warm. Thus, instead of going out and collecting more URLs, I just began pruning and rearranging those I already have stored away as Opera bookmarks. I barely made a dent in them. I've seen only the tiniest fraction of teh Internets, and yet it's way too much.

It looks more and more as though I'm going to have to go get my neck yanked on. Something is definitely out of place there. This is the worst time of year to get this done, too, as all my joints are stiffer in cold weather than they are when it's warm. But, when turning my head to quickly results in a sudden sharp pain, something needs to be done about it.

Pearl Harbor Day. The Hitler History channel will be running its usual marathon of related programs. TCM, however, is running a whole day of movies about Queens (the sort that reign, not the sort who hang out in gay bars.) They always used to run at least one or two WWII movies for the occasion. War must be less popular this year, for some reason.

Overcast this morning. I like the dimness of it, but I want the sun to emerge before late afternoon. Otherwise I'm apt to oversleep. That will make my neck even worse.

Still no mailstrom yet.


Dawn was a thin line of liquid gold light, compressed by leaden clouds which soon crushed it. Sprinkles and mists have ever since dampened the dim world on which the sun failed to rise. The cold has me expecting snow at any time. Dense vapors will likely conceal the moon all night, but their diffusion of its light will make the declining landscape vaguely visible. Sounds, too, are subdued on such nights, leaving the senses of touch and smell the predominant avenues of awareness. The cold air is redolent of damp soil, decaying leaves, wet pine trees, and of smoke from the town's fireplaces. It is a world of vegetable scents.

Above the clouds, the early stirrings of the Gemenids have begun. This is anticipated to be an active year for this display, but as its peak will come close to the moon's full, I am not expecting to see much even if the clouds do not cover the sky that night. December is too cold for meteor watching, in any case.

Via hyperina: Kids' art, wherein it is revealed to me that The World is a simpler place than I had thought.