December 5th, 2005



Well, I think this is the most nothing I've ever gotten done in a single night! Seriously, absolutely nothing!

Has anyone noticed the stockings in the LJ holiday banner?

"F" "B" "M"

Frank and Brad and... Mena? Or is the "B" for Ben? Does Frank look so sad because Brad has been replaced? Or has either Brad or Ben been killed and buried in the crawl space? Or are Brad and Ben sharing a stocking? If so, what else are they sharing? What sort of sick perversion is going on in this company?

I shudder to think. It's just casting a pall over the entire holiday season. I wish that banner would just go away.

Doldrums Continue. No Film at Eleven.

The birds were happy with the freshly raked lawn. Apparently, raking stirs up tasty things, and makes them accessible (another advantage of rakes over leaf blowers), so I had a lot of birds pecking at the lawn this afternoon. The sky has cleared completely, so it's going to be very cold tonight. I heard that last night it was colder in the valley than it was here in the mountains. I'm glad I don't have to go down there.

Prepare for the mailstrom! The cause of the constipation that has been plaguing LJ notifications ever since the servers were moved has been discovered, and all that pent up stuff is to be released beginning tomorrow.

Shower, before it gets too cold.