November 28th, 2005

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Clouds erased the stars early last night, and icy breezes numbed my ears whenever I went outdoors. I didn't go out much. One of the few times I did, I heard high pitched bird calls as a large migrating flock flew south. The birds probably won't be much warmer here than they would have been in the north. If it rains today, it might warm up just a bit, though. I hope so. I'd like to open the windows. Breathing the heated air from the furnace is making me dopey.


Chimneys and stovepipes smoking, the town smells like the summer brush fires of the sort we didn't have this year. Cold rain fell all day, and the smell of wet, rotting leaves mingled with the smell of the smoke. Now that night is here, the fires will be banked and the air will clear a bit, but it is still too cold to open the windows. The house is stuffy and the cat is going stir-crazy, opening every kitchen cupboard she can reach. If there is any break in the rain, I'll take her outdoors, despite the chill, so she can run off some of that energy. I'm hoping that there'll be fog when the storm begins to fade, creating a nice noir atmosphere. If so, I'll go for a walk. I need the exercise as much as the cat does.