November 21st, 2005


Pleasant Waste of Time

They were showing Harold Lloyd movies all night on TCM. That was enjoyable, even though it meant that I got nothing done. They've moved on to a bunch of Eleanor Powell movies now, but I can't stay up to watch those. I have to limit the amount of time I spend in the twentieth century. Anyway, I always have a hard time watching the one- Born to Dance- in which they were unwise enough to make Jimmy Stewart sing. I'm cruel enough to say that he was no Brando. Hell, he wasn't even a Shatner.

Some deer were afrighted again tonight, but it wasn't my fault this time. I happened to be outside when they were grazing in the yard on the corner, and the automatic sprinklers there came on, making that loud, choking spurt that sprinklers make when that first burst of water and trapped air shoots out, and the poor, dampened deer went bounding up the street in terror. Still, it was less pathetic than Jimmy Stewart singing.

Need sleep.

Disturbing Events

I'm curious as to how LJ became involved in pimping an 18-19 year old user to MSNBC. Does Frank get a hummer from Rita Cosby in exchange for this favor? Somebody ought to get something. Just getting LJ mentioned on a crappy cable horrornews show wouldn't be worth it. In fact, I think that Brad ought to be willing to hump Rita Cosby in order to prevent her from making any mention of LJ on MSNBC. Yes, I know it would be an awful experience for him, but we'd appreciate the sacrifice.

In other news, new neighbor listens to Green Day. He played an entire album while raking his yard. In his favor, he does use an actual rake and not a leaf blower. I need to get out my actual rake, too. The lawn has vanished under a golden carpet of mulberry leaves. If I had a pair of big speakers, I could play something for new neighbor while uncovering my lawn. Perhaps a nice mix of Ute Lemper's German art songs, Coltrane, and NIN, topped with a bit of Kreisler and a Mariachi piece or two. That would freak him good.