November 1st, 2005



Ahhh, the sun's coming up too early! I'll turn to dust!

It's a very tasty shade of pink the sky is showing, though. I'd like to find food that shade of pink. Luminous food. The pale blue of the early morning is also nice, as is the fresh breeze that's making the pines hum and rustling the dry oak leaves until it sounds as though a whole tribe of shamans are shaking rattles and chanting in the woods. Some mornings would be nice to wake to, rather than having them be mere codas to the night. Maybe someday my schedule will flip around again.

Today is not that day. I must close the shades now. The whole turn-to-dust thing, you know.

Happy November.


A day gone gray, the lawn a strew of brown leaves, the street bordered with gold pine needles, and there could be rain by tomorrow. Delightfully dismal November weather has arrived right on time. Now I can watch the sky slowly grow larger as the trees shed their foliage and reveal their naked branches. For now, there are still hummingbirds visiting the last flowers, but the rose bushes have been pruned for winter and the walnut tree is dropping whatever nuts the squirrels have not plucked. There are crows everywhere. When night falls, I like to imagine that there are bats everywhere. I like November.