October 31st, 2005



The precipitous arrival of colder weather here the last few nights means it's likely that any little urchins out tonight will be freezing their asses off, unless they wear cossack costumes or something of that sort. Most years, the little urchins are scarce, though, the town having large populations of both the childless elderly and Halloween-hostile Pentecostal families. Thus, the few little urchins who do go out trick-or-treating are forced to travel farther between treat-dispensing houses, so they'll have an even greater chance of freezing their asses off. Returning indoors after spending ten minutes outside earlier tonight, my ears had chilled enough to tingle as they thawed. It's even colder now, approaching dawn. I think we may be in for a harsh winter. Damn. And with energy prices on the way up, the prospect is not cheery. I suppose the overheated summer must be compensated for, though. But if the coming night is as much colder than tonight as tonight was than Saturday night, perhaps Tuesday morning will find the streets littered with the frozen cadavers of trick-or-treaters. Winter says BOO!

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laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I can't believe the cricket is actually back, chirping away. I hear a locust somewhere beyond the back fence, too. It warmed up today, so the kids going around wouldn't have had to freeze, had there been any kids going around.

Even without interruptions from candy seekers, I'm running late.

Must remember to do something about getting additional hours put into the days-- as soon as I have the time.