October 20th, 2005

rudisuhli_demon of love


It's gotten colder than I expected. The clouds went away. I expect that the leaves will turn color faster now. The next rain we get is apt to be icy. I miss the milder autumn rains of Los Angeles. Something else I miss is having been mostly human a couple of hours ago. I just found out, from an article in National Geographic that I ought not to have read, that I have (and everybody else has) ten times as many microbial cells as human cells!

I knew about all those little digesters that live in my intestines, and the little critters that live in my eyelashes and eat dead skin cells, but I always thought of them as being a bit like helpful hitchhikers. But that my own cells (though they aren't my cells, really) should be mostly of some other species than the one I've mistakenly thought myself to be is just terribly unnerving. In fact, I'm somewhere between 500 and 1000 other species. So is George Bush. The President is actually a colony of non-human species! We are being ruled by bugs! No wonder things haven't been going well!

The article is not available in the Geographic's online edition. Consider yourself lucky that you can't read it! I'm going to have a hard time sleeping today, I think. The microbes probably won't, though, so I ought to be 90% rested even if I never close my eyes again.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Too Busy

If I leave the windows open in my room for a few hours, maybe it will get cold enough in here that I can fire up Sluggo for the first time in months and rescue some more of those stranded files. On the other hand, it might not get quite cold enough, and then I'll have gone through the discomfort for nothing. I'm not feeling adventurous. I'm feeling more self indulgent. Maybe I'll just stay warm and let Sluggo continue his nap.

Too busy today.