October 8th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Go Back To Sleep; It's Saturday

So MTV does a nine show marathon of Viva La Bam. So I have to watch at least part of it. Watching guys doing the incredibly stupid things I didn't do even when I was young enough to have done them with less risk than now of fatal consequences is irresistible. I figure that I've spent enough time on edificatory pursuits of late to justify a bit of indulging of my inner thug. Nine shows was a bit much even for me, so I then spent a couple of hours on another pointless activity-- looking at historic photographs of Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta, Canada, a city with which I have, as far as I know, no real-world connection whatsoever (and probably never will.) But, thanks to teh Intrawebs, I now have a virtual connection to it.

I even know that, at 9682 Jasper Avenue in that city, there is a 1914 building (designed by an architectural firm called Magoon and MacDonald), which once housed a nickelodeon called The Gem. I'm quite sure that many citizens of Edmonton do not know this, which either allows me to adopt an attitude of smug superiority toward them, or should cause me to feel foolish because, without even the miserable excuse of being a resident of the place, I have probably wasted more time absorbing trivial information about-- or aboot-- their city than they have.

In between watching guys I don't know damaging themselves, various objects, comestibles, and each other, and gathering useless facts about a place I've never seen, I did go outside and watch parts of the sky being unveiled by the drift of clouds. I doubt that this activity was any more pertinent than the others, but at least it didn't involve any sort of mechanical device that consumes electricity. The outdoor air is undoubtedly cleaner than that in the house, too, and it smelled of pine trees.

No deer were frightened in the gathering of information for this journal entry. Feel free to attempt to duplicate this activity at home.

Or, If You Can't Sleep....

I forgot to mention Harappa, a South Asian history and archaeology site, with essays, movies, spoken word audio, slide shows, and images of the subcontinent before 1947, and lots of interesting stuff dug out of the ground at various digs. Maps, too! A nice way to use up a bit of a dull Saturday.