October 2nd, 2005

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Bunch of Geeky Internet Stuff

My Sunday posts are usually all moody and poesietic, but I got distracted tonight. By circuitous route, I fetched up at a place called GreatestCities, a web site based on LJ's code. That it's an LJ spawn isn't mentioned on the site itself, but the origin is clear if you poke around it. Their FAQs haven't been updated since mid-2003, and reading them is like falling into a time warp. They are LJ's old FAQs, almost word for word. GreatestCities' wrinkle is that it is a travel site, and the users can create various journals for various places they've been, and post pictures (unlimited storage is available.) The site is actually quite a bit harder to navigate than LJ, largely due to this peculiarity. One user can have several different journals under the same user name, and can also post to communities and forums.

But there is very little information about the site itself there. Though they have something called GreatestCities News, all there is on that page is a bunch of Google ads (Google ads on every page of the site, in fact), and no news at all. I was curious about the place, so I Googled it, and that took me to another thing I've never before seen. It turns out that Alexa maintains all sorts of information about all sorts of web sites, including this page for GreatestCities. If you click on the "Traffic Details" link on that page, you get a page with a tabbed widget that gives the site's reach, rank, and page views for the last 3 months, six months, year, or two years, all in handy graph form (graphs!) But there is no information about who owns GreatestCities, or where it is located.

On another Alexa page, I found ten more such sites, including LiveJournal itself. You can click on the "Site Info" link after each service to get, well, more info. (The page about LJ needs updating, as it still lists the contact information as Danga Interactive in Aloha, Oregon-- no mention of SixApart.) The info pages have links to site review pages maintained by Amazon. Who knew that Amazon reviewed web sites? I didn't (Here is LJ's page of Amazon reviews.)

Anyway, I went poking around Alexa's graph pages fro various journaling sites, and noticed something odd. Most of them have suffered declines in recent months, LJ included, though most of the others have had much more severe declines. I though it might just be because so many kids are away for summer, but then I discovered the Alexa page about Myspace. Alexa now ranks it as the 16th most heavily trafficked web site on the Internet (LJ is 194th, Blogger 31st, in 3 month rankings.) Myspace is swallowing all the teener diary sites! Its graphs are all up. Maybe the Lord of Babylon (Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation, owners of Fox Television, bought a controlling interest in Myspace not long ago) knew what he was doing. Now he owns the kids (or Pwnz the kids, I guess.)

And yet there is still more strangeness to be discovered at Alexa. Here is their page about No, those aren't city bus lines. It is a web site I did not visit. I looked at their Traffic Detail graphs. Before mid-July of this year, they had none. Than it shot up, and this nameless web site now has a traffic rank, as of today, of 71. What the hell is it? I was afraid to click on its link and find out. It sounds Borg to me!

Anyway, that's how I wasted my night. Sunday Verse to follow in a separate post.

Belated Happy October

Well, yesterday was the first of October (my second favorite month) and I forgot to even mention it. The autumny goodness continued tonight, fresh breezes scattering leaves and the stars sparkling, and a raccoon went stumbling through the dried stalks of the lilies with great noise. As morning approached, a few clouds returned, and in the east they now glow lavender. The coolness is positively luxuriant, and I don't miss summer at all.

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Things Fall Apart

My e-mail service isn't working, and I can't call and nag them because it's Sunday night and they aren't answering the phones. I sent myself a test message from Excite, and I'm waiting to see if it gets bounced back as undeliverable. That would mean that everything sent to me for the last several hours, at least, is gone. Computers. Feh. I'm not surprised, though. Things have been going wrong from the minute I got up today (too late, again.) I have the feeling that I ought to go hide under the bed for a few hours, until whatever storm of fate's malice is now passing has ended. I'd watch television, but I'm sure I'd see something that would give me nightmares-- or else the tube will blow out. I need to take a shower, and I'm fully expecting either to be scalded, or to have the hot water run out before I rinse the soap off. At least the food poisoning I probably got from dinner has not yet begun to effect me. Too bad I don't have Sluggo to blame anymore.

So, how was your day?

Update: It was bounced, so it's likely they've bounced everything that came today. There will be harsh words tomorrow.