September 29th, 2005

rudisuhli_demon of love

Young Earth!

Wicked Internetses keeps making me lose sleep!I won't burden this entry with a bunch of links, though. I'll just post one to the too, too funny claim that vegetarian dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden, and their babies rode in the ark with Noah! (Link courtesy of niyabinghi.) Damn! I was resigned to never having seen dinosaurs, because fifty million years ago is a long, long time, but to know that I missed them by a mere few thousand years is just so galling!

Somebody screwed up, doing something that made them go extinct quite recently, and I want to know who to blame! Of course, the article does say that some true Christians believe that dinosaurs still exist, and that they are just hiding out in the jungles somewhere, and the Christians are even sending out expeditions in search of them, so maybe if I pray real hard, I'll still get to see one. In the meantime, I could still get a chance to see Ted Kennedy, and that's almost the same thing as seeing a dinosaur, I guess.

I'm enjoying the lingering morning darkness these days. I can still see the full array of stars, even past six o'clock. Daylight Saving Time will end in a few weeks, though, and after that it won't stay dark this late until the dead of winter. The evenings will be truncated, too, which does not please me. I like long nights, but I also like lingering evenings. I guess I should just get to sleep earlier. Right now, for example.


The apple harvest has begun. I listened to the sounds of it, faint, as though drifting as much from some other time as from the orchard at the end of the block. Stray laughs and snatches of songs, calls, the clatter of ladders being moved, all of it seeming detached from the ordinary street of suburban houses where sprinkler spray shot through warm air and fell to puddle among grass stems, and birds came to peck the softened earth and flick bright drops from beating wings. Small ornamental maples have turned color, splashing the green and blue afternoon with red, the first trees to sport the festive tones which announce the approach of a season that will turn sombre, a raiment soon to crumble and expose bare bones to the failing year's increasingly cold light. But for now, the days remain as sweet, and the nights as crisp, as a bite from a fresh apple. I love this time of year.