September 23rd, 2005



I've re-read the News post about the school thing. When I discovered LJ over four years ago, one of the first things to cross my mind was how the LJ code could be used to make a much better an alumni-type site the ultra-lame Classmates and other sites of its sort. Had I been more geekish, I might have nabbed the LJ code and started such a site myself.

But one thing I didn't want was to mix the functions of a site where I could get in touch with people from my past life, and my journal here. This may be why I'm not all that pleased with LJ's school thing. Of course, I could start another journal here which would be only for school-related posts. The site is large enough that nobody would b likely to spill over from the one to the other unless I wanted them to, but I'm still uncomfortable with the idea.

Last night I watched Quills on IFC. A movie about the Marquis de Sade during his last years in the asylum seemed as though it might be interesting, but I can't say I was all that impressed. In fact, most of it wasn't all that bad, and I'd probably recommend it as an entertaining diversion were it not for one of the most gawdawful endings I've ever seen. The writer, Doug Wright, deserves to have the entire collected works of O. Henry stuffed up his rear for that ending! How did he ever think he could get away with such a cheesy twist? Damn!

Up way too late again. I wish I could get back the two hours I spent watching that movie.