September 12th, 2005

caillebotte_the orangerie


Deeper chill falls each lengthening night. Days dawn crisp, then gradually warm into mild afternoons, and rapidly cool as dusk gathers. Such pleasant weather is a great relief, the novelty of which has not yet worn off, following as it does two so torrid months. This late in the season, I think it unlikely that any prolonged period of stifling heat lies ahead. The recent occurrence of rainless thunder and lightning also brings hope that we shall have a further blessing in the form of at least one or two splendid thunderstorms before the summer departs.

A late summer rain would quickly green that faded grass, and freshen the landscape a bit before autumn begins its dismantling of the foliage. But the lowering temperatures alone have been enough to bring vast improvement to my mood. Though I now must wear an extra layer of clothing when I go out to watch Orion rise, and to see Mars glowing like a tiny red reveal at the apex of heaven's dome, my gratitude for the newly gentled days and my anticipation of continued mildness as we slip into autumn are more than sufficient compensation for the slight inconvenience. A soft end to summer is just what I need, to encourage the restoration of my sorely damaged repose.
caillebotte_the orangerie


Too many things going on at once. I can't decide what to do first, so I fall back on doing none of them. My default position is "off."

The weather continues to provide compensation for its wretched behavior earlier in the year. Does it lull me into inattention, that it might later betray me? I can see how easy it must have been for various cultures to anthropomorphize this natural force. It behaves so like some god modeled on a mercurial human personality. Right now, it playfully nibbles my ear, and I want to nuzzle it. Next week it could turn on me and again display a burning rage. Eventually, it's bound to turn icy. I love it anyway, even when I hate it.

Something else, I forget what.