September 7th, 2005



Recent events have made me go all webloggish, and I'm not pleased. I like reading webloggy things, but I have no desire to keep a weblog myself. For one thing, my natural inclination toward being utterly disorganized works against it. People who manage cobble together (with what appears to me to be an almost robotic efficiency) coherent and pertinent posts about the events of the day probably have no idea how long it takes me to assemble a poor facsimile of their work. I am anything but adept at such things.

My talent, such as it is, has always been for the slow, meandering sort of personal writing which is suited to little more than observations about the things one is apt to see in the passage of any quite ordinary day, or to the expression of those thoughts which arise from making oneself pay attention to the commonplace minutia of life. In fact, for me, even writing a paragraph or two about, say, the flavor and texture and scent of a slice of buttered toast topped by a smear of apple butter, is far more time consuming than writers possessed of greater mental alacrity than myself and superior organizational ability than is mine might suspect.

Haste has never been my friend, and when I am pressed for time (as I must inevitably be when I attempt to gather bits and pieces of information and assemble them, along with original commentary, into something resembling a decent weblog entry), the literary result is typically far from happy. Thus, my displeasure at my recent forays into this alien genre for which I am so ill suited, both by temperament and by the nature of my limited abilities. Too, this unfortunate lapse into some semblance of relevance has caused me to neglect my usual spewage of pastoral vignettes, word-baubles, japes, and the foolish rantlets which are manifestations of fits of pique occasioned by the minor irritations visited upon me by the world. The sad fact is that it is these which keep me connected to reality- or at least to the small sphere of reality with which I am capable of dealing. Neither I nor my talents are suited to great events.

I could say that the world has been too much with me of late, but it is really its people who have been too much with me- especially those very destructive people who have gathered for themselves far more power than they are capable of using wisely. That I recognize my own limitations makes their inability or unwillingness to recognize theirs particularly galling. It is this which has irritated me into abandoning my normal course and venturing on this journey for which I am ill-equipped, into territory which I take no pleasure in entering. My words have become refugees, displaced by a compulsion to examine the incompetence of people who mistakenly imagine themselves to be great. The thing I want most is to get back to the small and infinite world of the trees and birds and nightly stars. It's hard to see it from here. I'm beginning to think that I might not be able to get back.
caillebotte_man at his window

Warning: Fake Red Cross Solicitation E-Mails

Copied from annina_writes

Pass it on!!! Fake Red Cross Solicitations!
ABC news just ran a story that spoof email solicitations for donations to the Red Cross are being emailed to people all over the world. They look just like the Red Cross, right down the to secure site verify logo. If you fill your personal info into the form, which was ripped from the genuine Red Cross site, and then click on the donate button, you've been had; the bad guys have your credit card information. To make it worse, victims are then forwarded to the real Red Cross site, which makes it look even more genuine.

The bottom line? The Red Cross has stated categorically that they NEVER send email solicitations. Never! If you get something like described above, delete it. You may want to forward it first to the FTC's spoof address []. If the crooks are in the U.S. they can be prosecuted, and others turned into the authorities in their respective governments. Thus far spoofs have been traced to third parties in Brazil, Korea, China, and the US. Note: If you forward the emails to the authorities, please copy the addressing information (found in the Message Options in on View, then Message Options, then copy and paste the Internet Headers area).

Please take a moment to pass this on to people in your flist! Thanks!