August 29th, 2005



Ambiguous clouds continue to drift, intermittently obscuring patches of stars, but they have avoided the east, where the crescent moon rose clear and bright, turning Orion dim. Delightfully cool, the air bestirs itself now and then, coaxing soft sighs from the pines. It has been quiet tonight. If deer came by, I missed them. The only sounds I've heard since the crickets fell silent are those made by the breeze-blown trees, and a couple of falling acorns. The acorns will soon be falling more frequently. Yesterday morning I noticed that a few of the oaks have already begin to show brown patches among their dark green leaves. I eagerly anticipate the coming day when the air of noon will be as crisp as early morning is now.

It looks as though New Orleans might remain lucky, and its notorious fleshpots may yet survive long enough that I will eventually get a chance to visit them. Maybe there is a Devil after all.
caillebotte_the orangerie


Katrina Does New Orleans, digicam shots of downtown New Orleans taken from an upper floor of a tall building on Poydras Avenue, taken by interdictor, who stayed online throughout the day. The building is the location of the data center of, which has its own power supply and thus was able to stay connected to the outside world. The Interdictor was the only one of katrinacane's friends who was able to keep posting throughout the day. scyllacat made a brief, ominous post at 6:43 this morning, and hasn't been heard from since.

Here in the Sierra, the day gave no indication that such things as storms even exist. The balmy, cloudless afternoon gave way to an evening of lavender haze, and now the first stars are appearing and the crickets have begun their nightly song. Someone nearby mowed their lawn a while ago, and the scent of freshly cut grass fills the air, mingled with the pungent sweat of pine resin. The occasional hum of a passing car, and the barking of a lone dog are the only aural evidence that the place is even inhabited. Going to the mailbox, I scuffed my feet on the pavement just to hear the sound. There is not a breath of breeze. I think I'll water the lawn. I hope scyllcat is alright.