August 25th, 2005


What's That Girl? The Bridge Is Out?

So, I watched a Lassie movie. I might have seen it on a big screen when I was a little kid, but if so, I don't remember it. Our neighborhood movie theater used to show this sort of thing at Saturday matinees whenever the regular movie for that week seemed inappropriate for kids, so I saw a lot of movies that dated back as far as the mid-1930s. I know I saw at least one Lassie movie then, but I don't remember any details about it. In fact, the supposedly kid-friendly movies I remember best were the ones that scared the hell out of me- Disney movies, mostly. Oh, the horrifying things old uncle Walt put in his movies! Bambi's mom! The scary face in the witch's talking mirror! Pinocchio turning into a donkey! Ichabod Crane being chased by the headless horseman! The multiplying walking brooms trying to drown Mickey! I don't think I ever saw a Disney movie then that didn't give me nightmares. I don't think there was ever anything in a Lassie movie that would give a kid nightmares. That's probably why I don't remember them. Terror is more easily recalled than sentiment. It's unlikely I'll have bad dreams today.


Deer visited the street a few minutes ago. The moon has not yet risen, so I couldn't see them well, but I heard their hooves and heard them munching on the roses across the street. I risked a brief beam of the flashlight, and saw a doe looking right at me. She didn't panic, but I turned the light back off anyway, and just listened as she and her companions strolled down the block, munching at one bush after another, their hooves making soft, leisurely clops on the asphalt. They appear to have added the street back onto their itinerary, so I might be seeing (or at least hearing) more of them in the coming nights. It's nice to have deer for August.