August 21st, 2005


Passing Night

For a while, small clouds joined the moon and softened its light, silvering the dark sky and bringing stately motion to the stillness of night. Then the clouds scattered northward, and the moon was alone again. The south wind remained at altitude, while a northern breeze began stirring the pines and sent a few early-dried leaves along the pavement, bringing a premonitory autumnal sound. Though summer persists, I am swept by the mood that sound suggests. Elegy days draw closer, when the early sinking fire of the sun will have less power to warm and the tattering trees will shed color to brocade the gray streets. Nostalgia will appear, like an old dog emerging from a thicket with some piece of long dead prey in its jaws. I'll sigh in resignation and welcome its return.

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There was a pleasant evening, which I was going to go out and enjoy, and then I got hung up looking at some web site. Before I realized it, darkness had fallen. Teh Internets, Destroyer of Time! Now that I think about it, the web site wasn't even all that interesting. Feh. My head is even aching from sitting in front of this machine for too long. Since I missed the evening, I guess I'll go out and watch the night for a while. The crickets are making their relaxing chirps, and listening to them might make my head feel better. Cricket chirps are the insect equivalent of cat purrs.

Sitting in one spot for along time irritates my toe with the missing nail, too. When, on Wednesday, I go to the dentist to have the fake tooth part glued onto what's left of the real tooth, my toe will probably still be annoying me. I'll be sore in two extremities. (Yes, I think of my head as an extremity, though that is a decidedly unconventional view.)

My brain is fizzling again. The day was a bit warmer than yesterday, and my brain has already endured its seasonal quota of heat. But September is a mere ten days and some hours distant. Only one month until the equinox. I might survive, as long as I don't have to think too much.