August 13th, 2005


None to Speak Of

The night was a washout as far as meteors go. The cloud cover was more persistent than on the previous night, and the meteors themselves probably fewer, so I saw nothing but vague hints of lights beyond the clouds and the occasional streak glimpsed from the corner of my eye. The air continued to be pleasant, though, so it wasn't a total waste. I remain unbitten by ticks, despite two nights of spending hours outdoors. For some reason, the cat stayed in the house, parked on my bed, where she remains now. I hate to disturb her, but I must, if I'm to get any sleep at all. Of course, the clouds have cleared and the day is bright. I need blackout curtains.


Almost midnight. I heard a squirrel barking somewhere up the street. They usually aren't active by night. Something must have disturbed it- some other beast, most likely. I'm glad the kitty is indoors.

Busy all afternoon and evening. I had a few minutes to go out and watch the half moon slip down behind the trees. It's almost cool out there. It was a bit milder today, and there may be a serious cooling trend by the middle of next week. I certainly hope so. I've had about enough of this summer. I find myslef actually hoping for one of those early falls, when the rain begins in September. We haven't had one of those for years. We're due, and it would be compensation for the last several weeks.