August 3rd, 2005



This morning's sky looks vaguely mottled, though it was clear all night. I was well pleased with the coolness of the air and the faint whispers of the pines responding to the northern breeze. I was pleased with the clear brightness of the stars in the moon's absence, and the clumsy clatter of a raccoon climbing the fence. The nights, at least, are finally nice again. It makes the torrid days easier to endure, knowing that the lengthening hours of darkness will bring respite.

While the nights return to something close to normal, teh Internets grow ever stranger. Behold this excerpt from Eddie Lin's weblog post about eating "live" octopus tentacles. (The full post- long, but entertaining- is linked at the top of the excerpt.) I've had octopus sushi, but never freshly severed tentacle, still squirming. I preferred the sweet shrimp sushi, accompanied by the heads, which were deep fried. Now that's tasty!

Another new icon, this one snagged from a frame of one of my half-dozen or so favorite movies. It's an iconic cinematic scene, and ought to be fairly easy to recognize.

Also: It had to happen eventually. Here's Everything!


My brain remained as vacuous as the hazy sky all afternoon. It has not been filled by the arrival of night. There was a visit to Safeway, for the acquisition of cat food, which event was by far the most exciting of the day. Had I slept through to Thursday, it would have made no difference to anyone but the cat, who would not now be enjoying a bowl of ocean whitefish and tuna. I'd like something interesting to happen, please.