August 1st, 2005


Grinding Down

July is an inferno, and August its searing embers.

A wan breeze barely made the pines whisper, and the brown patches on the lawn crunched underfoot when I went out to watch the summer stars. A skunk paid a visit to the yard. I caught a glimpse of its tail as it was departing. Nobody got sprayed. The moon rose late, a lopsided smirk. I don't know what there is to grin about.

I'm not the least bit pleased about my damaged tooth. I hope I can get an appointment with the dentist quickly. It grows more irritating by the hour. Once in a while, I taste blood. If a broken chunk of the tooth comes out while I'm sleeping, I hope I don't swallow it.

My LJ Mind Map Is Ready. The code comes with built-in LJ cut:

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I must try to sleep now. With luck, I'll have an appointment to get the tooth dealt with this afternoon.
bazille_summer scene


The sky is a perfect blue today, except in the north, where all the late haze has gathered to become a big clump of cottony white which clings to the slower ridges of the Sierra. Though the heat has barely moderated, there is an afternoon breeze fluttering the mulberry leaves, making the green light flicker. Shadows are having a dance on my floor. I can once again imagine, at least, a cool summer day, though when one such might arrive I can't say. I remain indoors, letting the season boil away.

No word yet from the dentist's office on when I might get an appointment. I must think of soft foods.