July 31st, 2005


Please, Sir, I'd Like Some More

I had to watch "Oliver". This was the very last night it was available from Comcast's on-demand menu. It came out in 1968, and I still hadn't seen it all the way through. I'd always come in at the middle, or had been interrupted part way through. But on-demand can be paused. Hah! Take that, interruptions! So I watched it. Three and half hours (with interruptions.) Now I will probably have nightmares about Rod Moody or Oliver Reed. Scary orphan musical.

There was a bit of a breeze last night, so I got to be fairly cool for a while, but the temperature is headed back up again today, and will probably go over 100 by tomorrow. Clearly, some Deity has it in for us. I'm beginning to think that maybe we should sacrifice a virgin or something. But it's California. Where would we get one?

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rudisuhli_demon of love

Betrayed by Calcium!

I think I've cracked a bicuspid. Pressure on my upper right teeth has induced mild pain for several days, and this morning I felt a much sharper pain when I bit down, and feeling about with my tongue I discovered something that felt like a little wire sticking out of the tooth, but I think it's actually a tooth fragment. I checked it in the mirror and it looks as though the tooth is cracked right down the middle. I'll have to make an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. Rats! I just got done dealing with dental crap, and thought I was set for a few months, at least. I'll have to be careful. If a chink of that thing comes out completely before I can have it dealt with, it's going to hurt like hell. Stupid teeth.

I'm going to go distract myself with television and feel sorry for myself now.