July 19th, 2005


Getting Nothing Done

The power came back on at 11:30. The air remained hot all night. I might as well be in Alabama. At least I'd get to see trailers flying about in the hurricanes. Trailers here never do anything interesting.

Despite the heat in the house, the cat refused to go outdoors. Something is worrying her again. I could see nothing threatening. She spent most of the night sitting in the window, looking out. She finally consented to creep out the door, very cautiously, after the morning light arrived. She might be going crazy. I'll have a mad cat to deal with.

The heat continues today. I expect more power outages. I want to be in the southern hemisphere.

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So this is the guy nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. I think I made fun of his hair in the '70s. Maybe he doesn't know. Still, I'd better keep a bag packed for a quick getaway, just in case.

The heat was marginally less horrendous today, but this is only a brief interlude, like stopping for a drink halfway along the road to hell. Tomorrow is expected to be hotter again. I remain largely devoid of energy, and more inclined to maundering than to thought. At least there is some chance that tonight will actually bring a bit of mountain breeze. Last night was utterly still.

Time to feed the cat.

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