July 17th, 2005


Sinking Passing By

Vaporous nocturnal clouds gather, scatter the declining moonlight, halo red rising Mars. A breeze leaves the mountains, drawn by dead sunheat the dusty valley floor has released, which also rises like Mars, but lightless, an exhalation of exhausted sleep. The mountain air drawn by the void its rising leaves is cool, pine-scented, filled with tremors of leaves as it passes this place where the whispers of the ponderosas are like the rumor of dreams to come. Too brief a respite, night wanes, its departure announced by raucous jays who spread from tree to tree news of the sun's threat as it prepares to crown the eastern ridges with fire.

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I fell asleep while sitting on the couch again, and my neck no longer wants to move in its natural direction. It's another heat-related injury! What I don't understand is why the heat of early morning keeps me awake, tossing and turning in my bed, but the heat of evening puts me to sleep while I'm sitting up.

I managed to get out to buy a battery charger and four double A batteries so I can feed my hungry, hungry optical mouse. The thing's as power mad as Bill Gates.

All my free time was used up by the unintentional nap. I intend to sue July.

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