July 14th, 2005

bazille_summer scene

Trying to Ignore the Heat, and Failing

The mere smattering of stars I could see for most of the night indicated that the clouds had returned to hold in the heat. It worked very well. As a result, I'm very close to comatose. This could turn out to be the most stultifying summer week in a decade. I shall soon be a husk.

Before I become a husk, there's this: The other night, while replying to a comment about my spider (still MIA at the moment), I was reminded of a legendary San Francisco establishment of the 19th century. It was a tavern called the Cobweb Palace, owned by an eccentric fellow named Abe Warner. He believed that it was bad luck to disturb spiders, and so he allowed them to festoon his barroom with webs. I Googled for the place and found a number of references to the Cobweb Palace, including this one with four photographs, at a web site which appears to have no front page. It is an index of San Francisco history, and appears to be somewhat wiki-ish.

It's powered by something called baseportal, which is a free service which has been operating in Germany since 1998. I'm surprised I've never heard of it before. Apparently it's quite popular in Europe and Asia, but has never caught on in the U.S. I poked around it for a few minutes, and found many pages full of links to such things as Burmese poetry (in Burmese) and this offer of a tugboat for sale in Japan. What an odd little corner of teh Interwebs!

Back at the San Francisco History pages, I found a page about Dashiell Hammett, another about the Barbary Coast, and a brief biography of California Robber Baron Peter (Bethlehem Steel) Donahue, which includes a nice picture of the monument raised by his son James at the intersection of Battery, Bush and Market Streets, featuring the heroic sculpture (by Douglass Tilden) which, I am convinced, turned San Francisco gay.

Now I have to figure out how to get to sleep in a sopping pool of my own sweat.
bazille_summer scene


I can't believe that I've missed Bastille Day again! Here I am, caught with my sans culottes down, and not a baguette in the house! Forgive me, Marat! I promise to have my guillotine well-oiled for next year! The streets will flow with the blood of the aristocrats!

In lieu of wine and Camembert, I guess I'll have some beer and Monterey Jack tonight. I'm also having some air conditioning. The power company is granting an additional 20% discount on electric bills for the period June 1 through September 30 for anyone who reduces their energy consumption for that time by 20% from the same period last year- so that would add up to something like a 36% lower bill overall. The problem is that last summer was quite mild, and we hardly used the air conditioner at all. I've been trying to keep it off as much as possible, but I don't think we're going to make the target. I'll bet the bastards at PG&E knew that this summer would be hot! In fact, I'll bet they are causing the heat by leaving the door to Hell (where their Master lives) open!

There is a half moon tonight. I'm thinking it would be a very nice night for a naked pool party. It's very warm out there. Too bad I don't have a pool. Too bad I don't like being naked. Too bad there's nobody around here whose naked body I would not find repellent. Life sort of bites, really.

Meh. Shower. Television.