July 11th, 2005

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One might think that I would do something special for my 3000th LiveJournal entry, but I won't. It sneaked up on me. I only noticed just now, so I had nothing planned, and now I have nothing in mind. In fact, I spent most of the night in front of the television. Sunday is murder night. There are multiple mystery programs on three different channels. I love a good murder. Well, who doesn't? Except the victims, maybe. And then I discovered that one of the cable channels was showing The Triplets of Belleville, that extraordinarily bizarre animated movie from a few years ago, which I had never seen. The drawing style will most likely give me nightmares (or daymares, in my case.)

Animals are acting oddly. Right now, one of those mad little birds is doing its car horn alarm impression: CHEEP! CHEEP! CHEEP! CHEEP! It keeps chirping even while it flies from tree to tree, and the pace of the chirping accelerates while it is airborne. Also, something spooked the cat while she was outdoors last night. When I opened the door she rushed in, in that low creep cats get when something has scared them, and she went all around the house, looking out one window after another, and wouldn't return outside for over an hour, though she was quite happy to stand in the open doorway peering out for a minute before scurrying back into the room, casting worried glances over her shoulder. I looked all around the yard and could see nothing amiss at the time, though about two hours later there was some sort of altercation between a pair of raccoons. This isn't the time of year that raccoons usually bicker. I have no idea what all the fuss of the fauna has been about.

Hey, it's 7/11 today!

Wow, 3000 entries of this sort of crap! It boggles the mind.
bazille_summer scene


Our small peach tree has at least two dozen ripening fruits on it this year. Last year there were only a handful. This tree bears surprisingly good peaches. I've thought of planting some of the seeds each year, and then forget. There's room in the yard for a few more trees of that size. I might try sticking a pot in some conspicuous location to serve as a reminder.

Every fruiting or flowering plant is doing well this year, except for the dying cherry tree, of course. That might have been replaced long ago, but again I kept forgetting. It's odd that we've never gotten a volunteer from all the overripe, bird-pecked cherries that fall to the ground each year. But then the tree (and the peach, too, for that matter) might be a hybrid of some sort with sterile seeds. The fruit and nut trees were all here when my parents bought the place, so I have no idea what varieties they are.

I've been wondering how my spider looks at me. It gives no indication that it is aware of my presence at all. It's spot on the wall is less than two feet from my head when I'm sitting at the computer. I wonder if I'm just a big presence to it, the way drifting storm clouds are a big presence to me? Does it have any idea that I'm watching it? It would be interesting to experience the world as a spider perceives it, just for a while.

I'm uncomfortably hot again. Tomorrow will be worse. A whole string of 100+ degree days are predicted. I'm not happy about that.

I just got about ten LJ notifications from the last three days, all in one lump. I guess the e-mail has been fixed. For now. :-P