July 6th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The entry the computer ate yesterday morning began with a comment on the gardenia bush near my window. Early light had revealed that it had almost a dozen blossoms, and that at least as many buds appeared to be near opening. This morning, there are eighteen flowers open. The house has reeked of gardenia all night. It's beginning to smell like a dime store perfume counter. The strangest thing is that the smell is stronger at a distance from the flowers than it is up close. It's as though they were deliberately projecting it away from themselves. Maybe the flowers don't like their own smell.

Once the gardenias have died, there will be nothing to scent the summer air but the usual pine and the desiccated grasses. I won't miss the gardenias, of course, but it would be nice if I could get a few aromatic plants that would bring some variety of olfactory stimulations during these dull months. It would be nice to have something a bit astringent, like the elusive scent of spurge laurel which enlivens the earliest days of spring, or perhaps some hardy relative of the eucalyptus which could withstand the long and sometimes snowy winters. I wouldn't mind another sweet-scented flowering plant, as long as it was more like the fresh jasmine and less like the cloying gardenia. I wouldn't want anything minty, though. I went totally off mint many years ago, and now dislike both the flavor and the fragrance.

Ooh, I wonder if I could plant some fennel? I remember the wild fennel which grew in shady spots among the stands of trees near our house in Garvey Hills. But then, I've never seen it growing wild around here. It may not be suited to the climate. Still, there must be something I could plant. I suppose I'll have to go to a local nursery and ask if they could recommend any nice aromatics that are active in summer. What I know is that each summer in this place comes closer to being unendurable. I need something to provide at least a little distraction from the appalling heat.

Eh. Here it comes again.