July 5th, 2005



I guess there's a first time for everything. Opera just ate my entry. It froze for no apparent reason, and trapped three unsaved paragraphs. I thought I'd saved them, but when I tried to paste them in Firefox, they wren't there. I don't think I can rescue them. Annoying. So, this instead of a morning post. Stupid computers.

Update: Yup, the entry is gone. The windows task manager showed two processes not responding, both LJ update pages, but one had the Opera icon and the other was Explorer.exe. I used "end task" on the one with the Opera icon, and they both shut down. I don't know what would have happened if I had used "end task" on the other one. I also don't know what Explorer has to do with Opera.

Anyway, I had opened Firefox to post this entry, and discovered that there was something I could do with it that I didn't know about. There were two over-wide images posted on my friends page. I was about to filter out the users who posted them, but following a hunch, I right clicked them instead and found that Firefox's Adblock extension will block individual images by URL! It knocked them both off the page instantly. Given the frequency with which over-wide images get posted without cuts at LJ, especially in photo communities, that's a very handy feature to have. Firefox is slowly gaining on Opera.
bazille_summer scene

Still Hot, Still

It has been a day like those days when kites wouldn't fly, and the eucalyptus branches would unexpectedly snap from the heat. Before we got a television, my early summers were all sunburn and peeling skin, and adobe dust clinging to the knees of my Levis. The brown hills were no longer good for sliding, the grasses having dried and gone to seed, filling our socks with foxtails and nettles. We would sit on the porch of the church next to the grocery store, trying to finish Popsicles before they melted and ran deltas of sticky sweetness through the dust that clung to our hands.

Games never lasted long on those days, as we sweated out our energy too fast. It was mostly hanging out. There were initials carved in the bark of trees, and loquats stolen from unguarded backyards, and sometimes there were hose fights, until some parent came out to tell us not to waste water. The season was studded with days like this, when stray dogs with lolling tongues that dripped slowly padded along streets that radiated ripples of bent air. Now I find that on days like this, there is little to do other than remember days like this. Summer perpetuates itself. It is cool only under the ground.