July 2nd, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Enervation Continues

The combination of heat, not enough sleep yesterday (more noisy landscaping was going on at the house next door all morning), and extra beer sent me into an unexpected nap. That left a big chunk missing from the night. When I woke, my brain was not happy, so rather than make it think, I just watched old movies until the sky grew pale. It's closer to happy now, but still doesn't want to think, so I'm just going to try to get to sleep again, and hope that there is no more landscaping to be done next door. A third day of disruption would leave me livid. I might even use foul language.

The attic is so hot that I feel as though I'm getting a sunburn from my ceiling.
caillebotte_the balcony


The heat must be doing something bad to the telephone lines. I can't get a decent Internets connection. It's all pages failing to load and frequent disconnects. Stupid dial-up. I've finally been compelled to turn on the air conditioner, too. I like air conditioning in stores and restaurants and theaters, and in big office buildings and hotels, where the machinery is hidden away on the roof or in the basement, and the only sound to be heard from it is the rumble of air rushing through the ducts, a distant urban rumble. I've never liked it in houses, though. The roar of the compressor right outside the window irritates me. By making it necessary to close the windows, and by drowning out most outside sounds, it also removes the house from its surroundings. Every time I glance out the window, I get the feeling that I'm in two places at once (or not anywhere at all.) Most disconcerting.

Still, it's nice not to be sweltering in here for a while. If I direct all the machine's force into this room, I might even be able to fire up Sluggo and rescue some more stranded files from his hard drive. I also need to fetch e-mail from the account that I've never moved to the new computer. I think I'll wait until the telephone lines have cooled off a bit, though.

Apparently, I had a good time at gutbloom's party a few days ago, but, to be honest, I have absolutely no memory of having gone. I must have gotten even drunker than is usual at these events. At least I was not among those arrested.