June 10th, 2005


Sleep Deprivation Looms

A clear morning has brought birds in great abundance. They have to make up for all that lost singing time. They are making up for it in part by singing very loudly. I've heard bickering among the woodpeckers, too. The day promises to be not only bright, but noisy. There are two things I must purchase soon: A proper light-blocking sleep mask, and ear plugs. At the moment, I could also use a more powerful antacid than the one I normally (though infrequently) use. A tight schedule yesterday evening led to the consumption of pizza for dinner. I always forget the results of eating that particular semi-comestible. I now find myself wishing that I had inhaled more asbestos fibres over my lifetime, as that might have given my lungs, at least, some protection from the inferno which cooked tomato has ignited in my stomach. If I survive this conflagration, I will think twice before risking it again. I always do. It never works. Pizza is just too damn tasty!

Oh, happy little birds! Shut up!
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A nephew is spending the night. The cat will be most displeased. She hates company.

Whoa! Thunder! And big flashes of lightning!

What bad timing.

I'd better shut down, and go out and watch the storm.