June 2nd, 2005



Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all hanging about these evenings, Jupiter to the south and the others to the west. Their steady light makes them easy to find among the sparkly stars. I had perfectly clear sky for watching them, and the absence of the moon's competitive brightness provided a backdrop of deep, velvet darkness, as plush as the balmy late spring air. The night was a bit too cool to draw forth the full fragrance of the jasmine, but there was a pleasant hint of it. June provides such splendid weather for stargazing that I wish we could arrange for a comet to pass by and leave a trail to create a meteor shower for this season. Then it would be Perfect.

June also provides an ample supply of tiny, flying insects, alas, and I find myself brushing them away every few seconds. The crane flies, who are anything but small, are also buzzing about. Every time I open my door, another one or two come in. Once the various bugs get into my room, they are attracted by the glow of my desk lamp and the monitor, and thus remain in my immediate vicinity most of the time. They provide another good reason for me to remain outdoors as much as possible, where there is plenty of room for all of us.

I'd like to get to sleep early today, as I have a dental appointment this afternoon for which I would like to be well rested, but it seems unlikely. Disruptions for the last three days have jogged my schedule still farther out of whack, and I didn't wake until almost four o'clock yesterday afternoon. I don't yet feel the least bit tired, and I'll be lucky to get to sleep by eight. Well, there's nothing to be done about it now. I'm going out to watch the night fade, and listen to that hour of mixed choral chirps when the early birds join the late crickets.
caillebotte_the balcony

New Spybot Version Available

I've never gotten around to putting Spybot Search and Destroy on this computer. I decided to download it while I was outdoors, but I discovered that version 1.4 of the program was just released yesterday, so I decided to wait a couple of weeks, in case the new version is still a bit buggy. (In the meantime, I downloaded AdAware instead.) Yay, freeware!
gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


95 degrees today.

The procedure is called perio root planing, and it's costly. For two molars, $152. (Two bucks more than a permanent LJ account.) My tongue is numb. I can taste blood. This is going to hurt like hell when the anesthetic wears off.

My sleep was disrupted today, too, so I'm running on about five hours.

Other than all that, it's a nice day.

Planing! Aptly named. The whole time, I was picturing a woodworkers plane sliding across a board, the thin slices of removed wood curling up and falling aside. Wood smells better than blood, though.

Oh, tongue all tingly. Here it comes.