May 31st, 2005



All the little houses are emerging from darkness. The nights have grown very short. I don't think I'd like living much farther north than I do. There is little enough night even here, this time of year. It would be a terrible thing to be nocturnal in, say, Alaska when June and July come around. And, though I'm nocturnal, it seems unlikely that I'd enjoy the long winter nights, either. Too much of a good thing, and much too cold, as well. The temperate zones have summer nights about as short as I can tolerate, and winter nights long enough to satisfy my desire for darkness.

As the moon didn't rise until quite late tonight, the stars were bright. I watched for meteors whenever I went out, but saw none. I don't remember when the next regularly scheduled shower is due, but late spring frequently gets a good share of random meteors, and usually has clear sky. Yesterday's few scattered clouds vanished with dusk, and today is dawning perfectly clear. It's going to be a hot one again, alas. If I could get to the ocean, I wouldn't mind staying up all day (though I'd probably catch a nap or two on the beach.) Here, there's nothing that could induce me not to sleep, like all the other nocturnal beasts. The raccoons and I prefer dreams to daylight.