May 24th, 2005

bazille_summer scene


Through this post in blog_sociology, I found this post" in library_grrls, which in turn contains a link to this bit of a rant by Blaise Cronin, the Dean of the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University. As one who has chosen to associate "blog" with the French word "blague" (see also the English borrowing), I am not entirely in disagreement with the sentiments expressed by esteemed professor, but I nevertheless find his piece to be a particularly entertaining (in the unintended-by-the-author way) example of the propensity of some too-sequestered academics to largely miss the point of something that is going on in the Big World. It is also a delightful example of that sententious, professorial literary style (the very style I so delight in parodying) which, when couching an argument with a weak back, presents to the knowledgeable reader an experience akin to seeing the self-important town busybody do a pratfall. Reading Dean Cronin's brief article brought me more happiness than it should have, perhaps, but then I've always been one who is easily amused. I often enjoy, for the same reasons, reading William Safire's overwrought complaints about things he doesn't understand.

By the way, Dean- borrowing "blague" is a much more effective tweak than is your heavy-handed "Bathetically Ludicrous Online Gibberish." You ought to have been reading my journal! And, Dude! Lose the Carson Kressley hairdo! You're too old for that!

Oh, dear. Morning again. A near-scorcher is predicted, too. Summer, I fear, prepares a full-frontal attack. The current hour may prove to be the most pleasant of the day. I shall close the windows and trap as much of it as I can, and then look forward to nightfall and its blessed relief. For now, some sleep.


There is an insane woodpecker in the neighborhood. This morning I heard an odd, metallic rattling a couple of times. A short while later, when I was outdoors, I heard it again, and I saw that a woodpecker was standing on top of a mailbox up the street, drilling at it. Did the bird have a beef with the postal service? I don't know, but the drilling continued off and on for several minutes. Finally the woodpecker gave up. I have no idea why it tried to drill into a metal mailbox. Maybe the box was painted with something that smells like woodpecker food, or maybe it was just a crazy woodpecker.

I'm experiencing seasonal whiplash. Going from cool, rainy weather to hot, dry, summery weather in less than a week is not pleasant. The only good thing about this sudden onset of premature summer is that the long-delayed iced tea season is here at last. Unfortunately, the black cherry juice I use as one of the flavorings in my favorite tea concoction has sat on the shelf too long and become bitter. It will have to be replaced. Until then, I am drinking a substandard version of my favorite hot weather beverage. Still, it's a nice change from ordinary hot tea.

The mosquitoes are so numerous now, and I have been bitten so many times, that I expect to contract West Nile Virus momentarily, if I haven't done so already. I'm quite sure that I'll be dead within the week. I'd have a better chance of survival if the stupid woodpeckers would eat mosquitoes instead of mailboxes.