May 21st, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Roll Back the Dawn!

Filmy clouds are turning pink. The quiet night was too short. It's time for the world to be dealing with noisy blue jays again, and past time for me to be asleep. Ah, but The Naked City is on, Jules Dassin's marvelously atmospheric bit of film noir from 1948, with some of the best images of mid-twentieth century New York ever captured on celluloid. Why are the best movies on at this time of day? I'm sorely tempted to watch. I probably wouldn't get to sleep before seven anyway. My schedule is a train wreck.

Oh, what the hell. Who needs sleep, anyway?


It's a lovely shirtsleeve evening, but I think I just stepped on a nightcrawler. I heard something crunch under my foot as I came up the driveway, but I didn't shine the flashlight on it to see what it was. That way I can pretend it was one of those things that falls off of the pine trees, but it was probably a nightcrawler. That's one of the disadvantages of spring here. I like to walk by moonlight, but it's impossible to see what I might be walking on, and spring brings an abundance of creeping critters. I guess I can set that down as another first of the season. There are bound to be more. Not a spring passes but I crush half a dozen or more nightcrawlers.

Other than that misfortune, I enjoyed being out tonight. The moon is almost full, the air is redolent of spring growth, and the crickets are more numerous. The mild nights have been long delayed this year, so I have lost time to make up for. I intend to spend every spare minute outdoors. Watch out, nightcrawlers!