May 10th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


As it turned out, the storm liked the place so much that it stuck around for another day, and the sun did not emerge until late yesterday afternoon. The luxuriant moss that cloaks much of the mulberry tree tried to use the rain to destroy its host. Now that the canopy of leaves has grown dense, much of the rain collects in the tree and runs down its branches, where it is captured by the moss. Once saturated, the moss drops all the water in an impressive cascade which falls at the trunk's base on one side, its force slowly digging a pond which exposes the roots. It makes a pleasant clatter, too, when the rain is in full fury, but I'm wondering what the effect the unearthing of the roots will have on the tree.

Later, as the rain was diminishing, I thought I heard thunder at last, but I soon realized that the deep rumble was too regular, and lasted too long. I discovered that thuggish neighbor has acquired a new car stereo system and was trying it out. I am hopeful that Thor will be offended by the upstart's presumptuous imitation, and will hurl a lightning bolt or two his way.

After nightfall, I went out and saw what I thought was a dark cloud formation in the west, shaped like two gigantic raptors fighting in mid-flight. Closer examination revealed that it was in fact a clear patch among paler clouds, and it was flecked with dim stars. Gradually, the clear patch grew until all the sky was star-filled. It was nice to see them again, but the air was very chilly, so I didn't watch them for long. This morning, the overcast has returned. I don't know if the sun will have the power to burn it off, but the storm cannot persist much longer.

Yesterday was busy, and I missed making an evening entry. My schedule looks to be hectic for the next few days, in fact, culminating in Thursday's dental appointment. I'll be glad to have that out of the way. Then, perhaps, I'll be able to gather my attention and get to work on some long-delayed projects such as uploading all those pictures my old entries have been missing. Everything takes longer than I expect. Surely, time is broken.