May 9th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The storm surprised me by growing quite fierce for a while, the winds furious and the rain torrential. The night also grew splendidly cold. Winter was having a last fling, perhaps. I don't know if there was enough rain to put us back on track for the wettest year ever, but even if not, May could yet bring more. Not this week, though, as heat is due by Wednesday. This could prove to be a mercurial month, veering between extremes. I'd like that. And I'm still waiting on a proper spring thunderstorm. There was just a bit of thunder and lightning last night, and it remained distant. I'm hoping to have my hair stood on end. What was the point of getting it cut short if it's not to be made spiky by electric air?

Despite the chill which crept into the house, and might have been expected to keep me awake, the sound of the storm was so relaxing that I took an unintentional nap. As I was not properly situated for that activity (or inactivity), I've ended up with a crick in my neck. I need a longer couch. Perhaps the neck will straighten itself out while I sleep today. If not, it might need to be professionally yanked on. Always something.

The storm has now abated, and early light reveals a slate sky. Only intermittent breezes stir the fresh leaves of the mulberry tree where the birds now perch and sing their dawn songs. I suppose there remains some chance of thunder before the clouds depart, but it's more likely I'll be waking to a bright, sunny afternoon than to an electrical storm. Either would be nice, but both would be better.