May 8th, 2005


Has Passed

Rain repeats the song of recent nights, but softer, with barely a sound of itself, yet slicking the dark pavement revealed by that crack of light which the drape left askew lets loose. Mostly by that sheen, and by the splash of gathered drops that fall from leaf and eave, and by the scent of dampened soil and wood and grass, do I know the presence of this rain, until I venture out and feel it, little more than mist, touch my skin. Unlit by any moonlight, the equally secretive clouds wait for the east to reveal them by that band of gray light soon to wake the first birds. The hours of slow drumming about to end, I let my in-taken breath be the loudest thing I hear, and return the night air warmed with the softest of sighs for this serenity which must inevitably vanish.

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Either LJ is partly broken, or there is something very odd about the way Firefox caches my friends page. I went back 25 entries and got a bunch of stuff from May 6th. It had skipped over several posts I remember. I went back 50 entries, and it was back to May 7th. I went back 75 entries and saw post from both May 6th and May 7th, and some of those even from the 6th were entries I hadn't seen before. Apparently, I've been missing entries, either because Firefox is not loading them when they are new, or LJ isn't providing them. I'm pretty sure that there isn't a sudden fad for backdating going on. Now I have no idea what I've missed, or for how long this has been going on. I'm going to try using Opera for LJ again, and see if it's doing the same thing. Annoying computers.

Also, furious rain is happening.