April 29th, 2005


You've Got Mal!

For some reason I was getting a busy signal from chiconet tonight and couldn't get connected. I haven't put Juno on the new computer, and didn't want to fire up Sluggo, so I decided to sign up for the six-month free trial of AOL that came with the new computer. After twenty minutes or so of putzing about, filling out forms, I finally got connected, and then got to see a bunch of offers for various and sundry extra features (a firewall free for one month, $3.95 a month thereafter!) and read my first two e-mails from The Company. Then I opened a few familiar sites and found out how slooooow AOL's built-in browser is. The thing has a popup blocker built in, but I kept getting things popping up from AOL itself. Amazing how much trash they throw at their customers. I've heard a lot of complaints from AOL users, but I had no idea! How does anyone put up with that crap? I certainly won't need six months of free service to make up my mind. I shut the Byzantine monster down and finally got a connection from chiconet.

I've always though chiconet rather slow, but it's blazing fast compared to AOL, and for less than half the price. And this afternoon I could call them and ask what the deal was with the busy signal in the middle of the night. I won't bother, of course, but I like the fact that I could call. I could even go down to Chico and go into their office and bitch them out in person if wanted to. Can't do that with AOL. Even if could get to Georgia or wherever the hell their offices are, I'd probably find them full of grinning automatons, and if I made any noises of complaint about the service, their security robots would probably shoot me before I could escape The Compound (while the automatons continued to grin.) In fact, I have the feeling that I've just barely escaped their browser with my life. An unpleasant experience, indeed. I can't believe that so many people pay so much money for AOL.

The clouds have remained dense all night, with only a few patches in the west thinning enough to reveal a few stars now and then. The moon itself was entirely concealed, though its light lent the cloudy sky a dramatic look. This is turning out to be one of the most enjoyable Aprils I can remember. I hope it continues to be as moody as it has been thus far.

I made some rare private posts to the journal. They are pieces I've never finished but was keeping in clip files on Sluggo's hard drive. Composed in the LJ client, they don't like to be moved to MS Word, or any other program that I've ever found, so in order that they not be lost should The Slug die utterly, I made private posts of them and then made comments so that I could at least have e-mail copies of them. They are big. Now they take up a huge chunk of my friends page. I suppose I ought to have backdated them, but didn't think of it. Maybe I'll just take myself off of my friends list for a couple of days, until they have scrolled their way into the past.

Must try thinking things through someday. Not now, though. Now, sleep.
caillebotte_the orangerie


The lawn has grown lush and dense, and bright afternoon finds it dappled with patterns of light and green shadow where the translucent young mulberry leaves flicker above it. The sunlight is warm and the shade cool, and there are just the right number of fluffy white clouds decorating the blue sky. The lilac bushes are all blooming, and small weeds here and there have put forth purple and pink flowers. The first dandelion of the year has sprouted. Bees buzz and birds peck in the grass. It is a perfect day. I will not stare at this monitor while the world is so alluring. Later.