April 26th, 2005



Moonlight glazes the high fog, which itself softens the moon that now hangs like a pale, yellow lantern amid the etched branches of the mulberry tree. The woodlands seem a place for secret gatherings and assignations these nights, where dim glades might hum with conversations, and laughter ripple like the gentled streams of spring. I imagine, too, the rustle of cloaks donned to ward off the chill of the April night, and the soft crunch of fallen pine needles underfoot as glimmering figures tread the long-disused paths, so lately winter-bound, where now the sweet breath of spring drifts, witness to the awakening world.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I don't know where this day has gone, but wherever it is, I'm quite sure it has my brain with it. I'm drawing a blank. There was some sun and some clouds and then I turned on the computer and suddenly it was night. I got sucked into teh Internets, and I remember nothing!

I hope I didn't get probed or anything.