April 23rd, 2005


Good Night.

Gray light reveals another gray day, the damp world quiet for the moment, the rain having abated and the birds not yet singing. The serenity won't last long, I'm sure. I anticipate the arrival of the daily crows. Oh, there go the robins, and the acorn woodpeckers. They won't be letting a few clouds interfere with their day. Everybody is waking up but me and the cat (who has just settled down for her morning nap.) I am going to turn off my NEW SPEAKERS and go to sleep.
caillebotte_the orangerie

More Coolness

Afternoon transformed the steely sky to silver and pearl, and dried the pavement to its accustomed gray. The shadowless landscape was soft, full of rich greens and bursts of bright pinks and reds and purples. Crows perched on pine branches, looking quite elegant until they let out their harsh caws. The air was full of the clatter of woodpeckers once more. They seem to become more numerous every year, though they don't appear to be displacing any other avian species. I think that the suburbanization of the area is actually attracting more birds of many sorts as the variety of exotic plants increases in the gardens. But the increase in the woodpecker populations might be the result of more insect infestations in pines that are being over-watered as a result of their proximity to pampered lawns. Eventually we will probably reach a tipping point, when too much of the forest has been removed, and the various species that prefer to be close to it depart, leaving us with only the common suburban birds.

I am pleased that the coolness continues for now. Even though I no longer need to worry about losing the use of the computer because of the heat, I've grown ever more fond of the chill days, and do not anticipate summer's heat with any delight. It will be nice to smell the jasmine again, and listen to the crickets every night, but aside from that I can think of no features of summer I couldn't do without.