April 20th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Creepy Crawly

I just found three big spiders on my front porch. I'm not sure what type they are. Maybe they will all settle down in one big mass of web, the way daddy-long-legs do, or maybe they will fight over the location and the strongest will eat the other two. I probably won't get to watch, since I'll be asleep soon. I might dream about them, though. I sometimes do, after an encounter with them. Spiders are interesting, but a bit creepy. I prefer beetles.

I keep discovering floppy disks with stuff on them, from back in the days before Sluggo got his CD writer. I have to look at them and see if there's anything on them I want to keep. At least a few of them have pictures I've snagged from teh Internets. More stuff to transfer to the new computer. Ah, it never ends.

And I still can't stop thinking of the new Pope as Joey Rats.
caillebotte_the orangerie


Today there were bumblebees. There were other bees as well, but the bumblebees were the most impressive, all shiny and black and buzzing like tiny airplanes. There were two of them, visiting the flowers in the bed by the front porch. They inspected the cat who was napping there, too, but (the result of finding her free of nectar, perhaps) only briefly. Me, they ignored, which did not displease me. The other bees buzzed my head a few times, probably mistaking the scent of my shampoo for something floral and therefore tasty. I'm sure I was a disappointment for them.

The day was partly cloudy again, and only moderately warm. April is on its best behavior, providing a sky as diverting as the spring flowers which now are bursting out everywhere. The rose bushes have recovered from the late snowstorm, and dozens of new buds are emerging to replace those lost to the unexpected frost. There will soon be an abundance of blossoms on which the deer can snack.

The birds are now singing their evening songs, the clouds darkening, and the colors of the world deepening. The pink of the dogwood blossoms and the pale green of the new mulberry leaves are particularly enjoyable this time of day. Spring has the best evenings of the year.