April 17th, 2005

caillebotte_man at his window


The moon, since nightfall the companion of clouds, was about to settle among the pines when an unexpected fog began to drift through the woodland. Night was then filled with ghostly blue light, for a while, and the woods gradually deprived of the chance to be silhouetted as the fog thickened. The declining moon vanished while yet in the sky. Having obscured its source of light, the drifting vapor itself was obscured, and from the dense dark which fell came the hooting of the owls. By the time the fog had dispersed, the moon had set, its only trace being a faint glow cast on the high clouds. The owls remained.

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I've discovered the "Duplicate Window" function in Opera. You click it, and get a new tab with an exact clone of the window you are currently looking at. It has the same history as the parent window, so you can use backspace to go back and look at a previous page while keeping the original page. This will be handy for me, as I'm forever going to look at something linked from a page but forgetting to open the link in a new tab. Now I can open the new tab retroactively, and won't have to go back and start over. I don't know why it took me so long to discover that Opera could do this.

I think it might cool off a bit more tonight than it did last night. The evening air has rapidly chilled, and the birds are all scurrying back to their nests as though a storm were due. There were some very nice hieroglyphic clouds drifting about this afternoon (though I was unable to decipher them), and now they are growing larger and turning dark, but I don't expect them to grow dense enough to provide rain. In fact, more summery weather is on the way. I intend to use this brief cooling to extract more files from Sluggo. I expected that moving from one computer to another would be a tedious process, but seriously underestimated the degree of tediousness, and the amount of time it would consume. That I didn't wake up until after four o'clock this afternoon is not helping. I'm totally white-rabbiting!