April 13th, 2005



The clouds came and went all night, bringing no more than a few sprinkles of rain. I now don't believe that rain will fall after all. It has grown so cold that, should anything precipitate, it will most likely be snow again. Should there be snow here in the middle of April, it will become less paranoid than ever for one to assume that the government has been performing experiments on the weather. Well, either the government, or the National Hockey League. Of course, it might be Sluggo, trying to lure me back. To late, Sluggo! The heater vent is open, making my toes toasty warm. I'll never go back!

I would have thought that a sudden drop in outdoor temperature would have ended my spring lethargy, but this has not proven to be so. I'm still subject to periods of woolly-patedness, and my train of thought has been repeatedly derailed throughout the night. Perhaps I've set the thermostat a bit too high. Whatever the cause, I find the thought of sleep more attractive than any other which comes to me. I shall be seduced by it, and let... whatever his name turns out to be... join Sluggo in a nap.

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The storm, having remained dry all last night and all day today, finally let go of some of its hoarded moisture about five o'clock. It lasted twenty minutes, then turned to a sun shower and soon vanished, leaving behind steaming sunlit pavement and beaded plants. Now the crescent moon has emerged, and the air is rapidly cooling. It feels like we will have another very cold night.

The new computer is doing something odd. It is reading some .jpg files as HTML files. I looked into the collection of images I have transfered from Sluggo via CD, and many of the .jpgs (and some other image files as well) have been changed to HTML or other types of files, too. Irfanview lets me know that they have the wrong file extensions and asks if I wold like to change them, so they can be saved, but it would take forever to track them all down and change them one at a time.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is the fact that Netscape Navigator nabbed all the image files as soon as I opened them the first time after uploading them from the CD, and nabs all the new files I upload as well. I'm going to try re-associating all the image files on the computer with either Irfanview or Opera, and see if that restores all the original file extensions at once. From the beginning, I've thought there was something wonky about Netscape Navigator, and I've only used it a couple of times.

I'm still not fully adjusted to the time change, and things keep happening at what feels like the wrong time. I'm supposed to be doing something else right now, in fact. I'd better go do it.

edit: I made Opera the default browser, but it didn't associate image files with itself, so I associated them with Irfanview. It didn't correct the file extensions that were wrong, and some new image files that I've added are still being incorrectly identified as HTML files rather than .jpg files. It must be Windows XP itself which is doing this. I never had this problem with Windows 98. Computers. Feh.